Dedicated Legal Representation

Client Testimonials

“I hired Miss Kimberly for family court she was able to file papers for me as far as looking for my sister’s husband; she was able to file paperwork that I needed to have done for me to get custody of my nephew. She put together the evidence I needed in order to get my nephew; she showed me what I needed to do talked to me and counseled me on what I needed to do also, and I also won my case; I will truly recommend Miss Kimberly.” – Ms. James

“Kimberly was always quick to respond to our emails and calls. Even if it was a short note from her phone, it was still nice to know that she was moving forward with our questions/concerns. We always felt like she cared about us and supported us. No question was stupid and she went out of her way to be kind. I would definitely recommend her to any friend or family member.”

“Very professional really cares about her clients, she made sure that she was early to all court dates to talk with me and other parties and she was able to resolve this matter in a way that satisfied everyone.” -Ms. Dom

“Ms. Melchor handled a case for me and it was a very emotional time for me. I so appreciated her professionalism and attention to detail, but also the fact that she cared. You don’t always see both of those qualities in attorneys. I am so thankful to her and would hire her again in a heartbeat if I ever needed to!”

“Over the course of fighting for my charges to be reduced and/or thrown out, Kimberly proved herself to be highly competent and aggressive in my defense. She was prepared and always could foresee what would happen in court which helped me to be more confident she was doing the best job possible in my case. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Kimberly!” Sincerely, Ronaldo

“Attorney Melchor has been one of the lawyers we hired to represent a family member. We found her to be very hard working, intelligent, organized, responsible, caring and compassionate. She was diligent in pursuing the details necessary to present the whole truth in our case. We would highly recommend her to anyone who needs legal services.” – Anne Marie