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When criminal charges have been filed against you, you should do your best to defend yourself. Getting the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney would be a good place to start. More importantly, you should be fully aware of all your rights. You are, after all, presumed innocent until proven guilty and entitled to all the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

At the Law Office of K.M. Melchor, LLC, I have represented Ohio clients charged with a variety of crimes, from misdemeanor traffic offenses, including OVIs to misdemeanor criminal charges. I have also represented clients charged with serious felonies, including sex crimes, drug-related offenses, unclassified felonies, such as murder, and many other crimes. Every case is important, and you can be confident that I will give your case the individualized attention it deserves.

Se habla español. I am bilingual in English and Spanish. If you prefer, we can communicate completely en español.

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From my office in Dayton, I am ready to stand up for your rights. Reach out to me as soon as possible to begin an aggressive criminal defense. Schedule an initial consultation with me at the Law Office of K.M. Melchor, LLC by calling 937-985-0419 or by using my online contact form.